Winter Food Menu, 2020

Our Winter Food Menu is here and features some gorgeous, warming food for these dark and (supposedly) cold months.  With every passing menu certain items reify their “West Main Staples” status, but we’re happy to update these with new, seasonal setups.  Other items are completely new for this menu and we’re hyped to share them with you. 

We continue to close the waste loop in our kitchen and it’s showing more and more on the menu.  Our Curds dish—a perennial house favorite and now served with kumquat marmalade and pink peppercorns—produces whey runoff (no surprise there) that we’re now using to make ricotta.  Our new house whey ricotta is showcased on our Flatbread, which comes with Fra Diavolo sauce and a soft poached egg, garnished with a house-cured Mullet bottarga.


The Flatbread is built on the biga we use for our Sourdough boule, an item that we’ve recently improved with the incorporation of 100% organic, American wheat milled here in Lexington by our friends at Great Bagel.  If you haven’t had the chance to taste the breads after the switch, get in here and find out what proper grains taste like. 

For our veg+ friends out there, we have some items we’re in love with, and we hope you will be, too.  Our Mushroom Scrapple returns, but now with wilted mustard greens, caramelized onions, cashew-lemon crema, and sun-dried tomato fondue—a puréed reduction of sun-dried tomatoes rehydrated in wine and vinegar.  For those new to Scrapple, it is an Appalachian dish traditionally used to make the undesirable parts of an animal desirable.  Ours, however, is vegan, with a texture comparable to Boudin, made with buckwheat and mushrooms.  Along with the Scrapple, we have a vegetarian Alfredo dish with farm egg pasta, shaved Perignod truffle and a Fernet Branca syrup. 

We continue to be committed to healthily, humanely-raised animals and feature several dishes from our Whole Animal Program.  Our Kentucky Lamb Sausage continues to be one of the richest, most surprising dishes on the menu.  Lamb from Four Hills Farm is butchered, ground, and cased in-house, served with sautéed escarole, house apple vinegar, cannelloni beans, and black garlic cream.  Of course, our Whole Hog dish is on this menu, featuring chef’s cuts daily that work through all the parts of Kentucky Proud pigs from Sunwatch Homestead Farm. These animals are also the highlight of our Cold Cuts plate, a board of house-cured meats with smoked onion marmalade and pickled vegetables from our ever-changing pickle plate. 

We also have a healthy steak selection on our menu this season, with an 8oz center cut Filet, a 10oz Hangar, and an 8oz 30-day snow-aged striploin steak of A5 Wagyu, the latter being served with a 30-day fermented kimchi of daikon and bok choi.  With so many steak houses for neighbors, it may seem to curious for us to feature so many steaks, but we take the opportunity to highlight a tenet of our food program: beautiful raw products, treated simply, make beautiful food that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Other dishes not to miss this season are a breathtaking, briny scallops dish, a thoughtful play on Poutine with pekin duck leg, and a series of other dishes that regularly change to incorporate whatever fun winter finds Kentucky farmers (and foragers) bring us.  Check out the full menu here for all the details and options.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

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