Summer Menu, 2020

Among many cultural casualties, Coronavirus has wrecked the familiar experience of dining out.  Sweaty sidewalk seating, near-empty restaurants, PPE-shrouded staff, limited menus, all are part of our world now—some for the better, but still unfamiliar.  While the experience may have changed, the earnestness of your locally-owned restaurants and bars has not, and we’re excited to release our new Summer Dinner Menu to provide a little normalcy. 

This new menu offers huge variety in flavors and style: we have things for those looking to snack while drinking, for those wanting to share several light dishes, and for those looking to do a full 3- or 4-course meal.  And the food itself is ripe with the lush produce of Kentucky summer.

From our Shareables section, we have some classic summer salads: Kentucky watermelon salad with spicy honey, candied ginger, and toasted sunflower seeds; an heirloom tomato salad with benedictine-inspired Parmigiano dressing and mixed herbs. We also have a simple steak tartare that shows off the flavor and texture of quality beef, made from a 4oz coulotte steak, winter truffle-infused olive oil, and tomato vinegar, and dressed with cucumber, borage flowers, bull’s blood sprouts, and buttermilk gel.  All of these are simply-treated plates showing off local produce, which is already incredible. 

These Shareables are joined by some fresh setups for house favorites, like our house Curds dish—rich, decadent house made cottage cheese served with cajun-fried bread & butter pickles.  Some dope snacks also appear, like Jerk Popcorn—a *highly* addictive, Caribbean jerk seasoned kettle corn served with dehydrated pineapple and fresh chilis—and a Chilled Noodle dish with assorted vegetables and a spiced peanut sauce that walks the line of spicy and savory with aplomb. 

New to this menu is a category of Tea Sandwiches: three familiar favorites made from scratch with local ingredients, served in pairs of petite sandwiches—perfect for snacking.  These sammies are a Grilled Cheese with Cabot Clothbound and fresh chèvre (need we say more?), a BLT with local lettuce and tomato and a thick slice of smoked pork belly from Sunwatch Homestead Farm, and the iconic Tomato Sandwich with heirloom toms and black pepper mayo.  

 For those looking forward to a nice dinner, we’ve got you covered: Basil Pesto pasta with Shrimp Scampi, KY Lamb Sausage, 1/2 a Grilled Chicken, Scallops from Maine, Filet Mignon, A5 Wagyu Tataki… something for every palate, and diet.  The local highlight of these is obviously our KY Lamb Sausage, a 12oz lamb dish made with Kentucky lamb from Four Hills Farm, processed and cased here, treated simply because, again, the product itself is so flavorful and rich.  

For those hankering for a steak but tired of dumb prices, we’ve got you covered with a breathtaking 8oz Filet Mignon with roasted fingerling potatoes.  Our Wagyu Tataki is a raw dish ordered in 2oz portions, accompanied with flavorful local mushrooms and allium, house curds, and blitzed herbs—a decadent dish, for sure, but memorable and special.   

Our Scallops hail from Maine, and are pan-seared and served atop to stones and a lightly spiced pico of charred corn and tomato.  Few things say summer like the curious combo of southern food and plantains, but the dish is exactly that: summer, light, and gorgeous.

Few things, that is, except strawberry ice cream made from scratch, which is exactly what we have for dessert this summer.  Our “Peaches ’n’ Cream” dessert is inspired by Escoffier’s peach melba: ripe grilled peaches topped with strawberry ice cream and slivered almond, smoked under a cloche with dried mint.  Dramatic and summer, this dessert is hard to decline, especially accompanied with a glass of fortified wine. 

Summer is always the best time to be in Kentucky.  Not only is it particularly scenic and luscious and gorgeous here, but there are no places in the nation better to eat than summer in Kentucky.  We hope you all enjoy this menu and that it fulfills your dining desires.  Can’t wait to share it with you. 

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