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The heat of the summer is here, and while us Kentuckians know that means imminent storms that never appear, gruesome humidity, and gorgeous evenings, it also means we’re in the absolute height of Kentucky produce season.  The farmers’ market overfloweth, and we are often the beneficiaries of our farmers’ good will.  Our summer menu shows off our incredible state with extraordinary new setups for popular dishes, several new dishes—small and large—and an ever-changing series of daily specials that, cumulatively, are honestly some of the best food we’ve ever featured, or eaten. 

New to our first course, “shareable” items, we have a summer set up for our Curds dish that is our absolute favorite: a healthy serving of house cottage cheese above a thick slice of heirloom tomato, served with cracked tellicherry pepper, “pearled balsamic”—tiny tapioca pearls brought up in balsamic dressing and bursting with flavor.  We also have split up our charcuterie options, to provide more choices for everyone.  Now you’ll find a decadent Cheese Plate with constantly updated cheeses, bright ripe fruits served in various ways, house granola, and spicy local honey.  The Charcuterie board features new meats (with cured products often made in house), smoked onion marmalade, and a selection of house pickles.  

Other popular Shareable items remain—mostly because we’re afraid of revolt if we take them away—like our house Bread Boule (now served with herbed butter), and our Salmon Flatbread (pancetta-cured cold smoked Atlantic salmon cured in-house, with our biga flatbread).  Other Shareable dishes are easy ways to find the freshest produce this season, like our Salad, Hummus, and Laissez-Faire Vegetables, all of which are changed almost daily depending on what the farms have each week. 

For the vegetarians looking for more entree-sized dishes, we have a classic Pasta Diavolo with house pappardelle pasta, grilled eggplant, and heirloom tomatoes.  We also have a new summer setup for our Mushroom Scrapple.  For those new to Scrapple, it is an Appalachian dish traditionally used to make the undesirable parts of an animal desirable.  Ours, however, is vegan, with a texture similar to Boudin and a warm flavor, plated with eggplant purée and a fennel-herb salad tossed in lemon-poppy seed dressing.

A 6oz Duck Breast starts off our Entree section, marinated and beautifully prepared, served with a middlins congée and stir fried farmers’ market vegetables, dressed with plum slices and a star anise sauce.  This duck dish is a transformation of the Primavera from our Spring Menu, as is our classic Chicken Two Ways, which appears with a new, seasonal setup.  This is one-half of a responsibly-raised bird with the white meat grilled and the dark meat fried, served with garlic mashed potatoes, a classic succotash, and an Alabama barbecue sauce.  

We also have a new selection of steaks that should not be missed.  An 8oz center cut Filet Mignon is served with grilled peach and Kenny’s blue cheese, as well as the most absurdly decadent sauce, a walnut-port emulsion, and roasted and smoked Cippolini onions.  A 10oz Hangar Steak is also featured, served rare and with a setup that evokes a classic carpaccio: arugula, heirloom tomatoes, giardiniera olive oil, and horseradish aioli.  These are joined by a 16oz bone-in Ribeye from Allen Brothers, served with salt-crusted jacketed potatoes and a red chimichurri.  

Our commitment to sustainable farming and responsibly raised proteins is the culprit behind most dishes on our menu, but three standout as champions.  A daily Fresh Seafood special is provided by rod and reel anglers on family owned vessels off the coasts of Florida, Arkansas, and the Pacific North West.  A Kentucky Lamb Sausage is house made with the richest lamb from Western Kentucky—formerly are most populous livestock in Kentucky—and served with a sorghum seed and vegetable pilaf, a thick and tart raita, and dusted with fennel pollen.  And, of course, we always feature a special from our Whole Hog Program, through which we purchase whole animals from Sunwatch Homestead Farm and prepare specials and charcuterie until the entire animal is consumed.  

We’re so proud to be in Kentucky and have the opportunity to present this food, while representing our native farms.  This menu is, of course, available every evening and is accompanied by monthly dessert menus.  We’re eager to share these and many more items this summer.  Come check us out. 

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