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In case you weren’t counting down the days like we were, Spring is finally here, and so is Chef Greg’s new Spring food menu! As Gregory continues to grow here at West Main, the way we think about our food menu grows as well. Our new Spring menu features both an extended Shareable section—for those who are looking for hors d’oeuvres in lieu of dinner, or for a healthy first course selection—and an extended Entree section—for those looking to settle in and enjoy their time for a longer haul. Chef has also elaborated many ideas that have been blossoming at West Main since he arrived, like our commitment to sourcing whole, locally raised, healthy animals for our proteins, which feature extensively on our Spring Menu.

spring food menu curds

First, some shareable items that have become house staples have been updated with new Spring setups, like our Curds plate: house made cottage cheese with pickled gooseberries and rhubarb, plated with Bibb Lettuce. We have also added new items to this section, like the “Laissez-Faire Vegetables” dish, a daily feature inspired by local farmers and created by the kitchen without Gregory’s instruction. This dish opens the door for our menu to be more educational for the entire kitchen staff, and for us to have a little fun. And you’ll find a Salmon Flatbread on this section of the menu—though you may not want to actually share it—with pancetta-cured, cold smoked Atlantic salmon on a biga flatbread with spinach, pickled shallots, honey-balsamic agrodolce, and shaved bottarga.

spring food menu duck primavera

In our Entrees section you’ll likely find something for every palate, diet, and range of hunger. For the health-conscious we have a gorgeous Primavera dish with farmer’s market vegetables, house fennel wine, and whole grains, garnished with grano arso for depth of flavor and shaved 24 month Parimiggiano Reggiano for a floral richness. The option to add a crispy-skinned, marinated duck breast fills out the dish for the more ravenous. Our Scallops dish has also been updated, for those feeling like something lighter, with a house kumquat-cello, celeriac béchamel, spinach, and herbed bread crumbs, garnished with hydrated mustard seed “caviar.”

spring food menu scallops

For those in the mood for some more traditionally heavy proteins, we got y’all, too. We’ve a 6 oz, center cut Filet Mignon on this menu with the most absurdly amazing sauce—a romesco sauce enriched with sourdough—fresh mushrooms, and asparagus. We have also added an 18 oz, 28-day dry aged Ribeye to our menu, served with jacketed potatoes—new potatoes roasted in salt for a dry, lightly crunch on the exterior and a buttery rich interior—and a bright, zesty chimichurri that packs a sharp punch equal to the powerhouse richness of the steak.

spring food menu filet mignonspring food menu ribeye

At West Main, we care quite a lot about what we put into our food and drinks, hence our emphasis on authenticity. This applies just as much to these proteins as it does to our cocktails; it makes us proud to present vegetables from our local farms and ecstatic about the bounty of mushrooms provided by this historically rainy Kentucky winter. But proteins in particular can be so mishandled and under appreciated, and Chef Gregory has taken special care to develop our Whole Hog Program with hogs from Sunwatch Homestead Farms. The Whole Hog Program uses locally sourced, healthily-raised pigs and endeavors to use every part of the animal in creative ways to minimize food waste in-house, and to respect the animal itself. You’ll find these proteins described on the menu as “today’s Chef’s cut,” changing regularly as we work our way through each animal, and with each cut being a wholly different dish complete with vegetables.

spring food menu lamb sausage

The Kentucky Lamb Sausage dish also follows our whole animal principle, sourcing animals from Four Hills Farms. House made sausage is simply treated with salt, pepper, and few herbs, allowing the richness of the meat to make a truly incredible product. Two links of sausage are served with a crispy half artichoke and a cucumber-herb salad with a yogurt dressing. The simplicity of this dish summarizes the essence of Chef’s style of using beautiful ingredients and treating them simply to let them speak for themselves.

These dishes are just some of the amazing items on our Spring food menu. They are complemented, of course, by a daily rotation of specials with limited availability, our weekend Late Night menu, and Miriam’s monthly dessert menu. As strongly as we feel about our cocktail program at West Main, so too do we feel about our incredible kitchen and Chef Greg’s food program. We can’t wait to share these dishes with you when next you’re here; there’s enough surprise and flavor to demand your return.

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