South America Flight: Caipirinha

No South American cocktail flight would be complete with the Caipirinha.  This iconic Brazilian cocktail is perhaps the most famous beverage to be exported from the country, and there’s an easy reason.  Although there are probably as many ways to make a Caipirinha as there are Brazilians, the drink is almost invariably addictively delicious. 

The Caipirinha originated in the interior of the State of São Paolo, indicating a little history of its name.  (“Caipirinha” is the Brazilian Portuguese version of “hillbillly,” referring to people coming from the countryside.)  Some claim the drink originated in Portugal as a cure for the common cold, made with garlic and aguardente, and that the modern Caipirinha is a local variation from Brazil.  Either way, the official format of the drink includes the national spirit, lime, and sugar—simple and, when properly made, perfect.  

This is the second cachaça drink on the South American Flight from Volume 5.  We take particular pride in getting our guests to drink otherwise-unfamiliar spirits, and we’ve made several cachaça converts with the Caipirinha and the Batida Rosa this season.  Ask us to introduce you any time. 

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