South America Flight: Batida Rosa

The Batida Rosa is a devastatingly delicious drink created by Jeffrey Morganthaler in 2008.  The story behind the cocktail is that a Brazilian soccer team was crushing Caipirinhas at his bar one night.  To prevent running out of his stock of limes, Morgenthaler created the Batida Rosa and thus pivoted the demand to lemon juice.  This cocktail’s namesake is the classic Brazilian Batida, a fairly malleable category of cachaça cocktail that includes fruit juice of some kind (often passionfruit) or coconut, and that can be blended or shaken.  

There are now a series of variations on Morgenthaler’s Batıda Rosa.  Ours is shaken and combines the Brazilian national spirit with pineapple, lemon, grenadine, sugar, and soda. It joins the Caipirinha and a Pisco Punch in the South American cocktail flight on Volume #5a. 

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