Sotol Flip

white pepper, smoke, walnut, crabapple, cinnamon
peppercorn-infused sotol, oloroso sherry, fall syrup, milk, cream, orange bitters, french oak, egg

In Colonial times, Flips were made by tossing ingredients from one pitcher to another, back and forth, until the beverage was frothy. We prepare our Flips with a two-piece steel shaker, but the same science behind “flipping” a drink applies here as well.

Here the traditional cold creamy weight of the Flip is cut with our powerful peppercorn-infused sotol, and warms to the tastes of toasted almonds, charred oak, apples, and aromatic baking spices. This cocktail, also, refused to be pinned down on your palate, and is a fabulous introduction to one of Mexico’s lesser known spirits.

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Temporary Shut Down

Due to Governor Andy’s “No Indoor Seating” rule, we will be closed for on-site service at least until the week of December 14.  
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