Sea Monster

vanilla, allspice, cream, iodine, seaweed
vanilla-infused spiced rum, allspice dram, butter, rinse of seaweed-infused Talker Scotch

Since the beginning of recorded history, ocean mariners from nearly every culture have told tales of terrifying sea monsters. Creatures of incredible size and strength, these beasts roam the sea, threatening to capsize ships. Our Sea Monster is based on a centuries-old method of flavoring Caribbean rum with butter and spices. Like the sea monsters of folklore, ours seems too good to be true. Served hot, the Sea Monster is the perfect wintertime cocktail, with notes of split vanilla bean, baking spices, brine, and fatty, mouth-watering butter syrup.

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Temporary Shut Down

Due to Governor Andy’s “No Indoor Seating” rule, we will be closed for on-site service at least until the week of December 14.  
In the meantime, we are offering takeout service from our food and beverage programs.  We are open for takeout Tuesday-Saturday, 5-9pm.   Call 859.618.6318 to place an order.