Sea Monster, take two.

allspice, nutmeg, cream, butter, vanilla
spiced rum, gosling’s house blend, allspice dram, butter, seaweed

Since the beginning of recorded history, ocean mariners from every culture have told tales of terrifying monsters. These monstrous beings roam the high seas, threatening to capsize ships and devour sailers. The Sea Monster is a Hot-Buttered Rum, a centuries-old mixed drink combining rum with spiced butter, and like the monsters of folklore, ours appears too good to be true.

There are several projects that continue to evolve at West Main and this Sea Monster is one of them. Appearing on our second menu, Volume 2: Lost Ingredients, this cocktail was originally built in a glass misted with seaweed-infused Talker Scotch in order to provide an element to cut through the fat of the butter and to imbibe the drink with a hint of briny sharpness. In its previous form the Sea Monster was also based on our vanilla-infused rum. However, reincarnation of the Sea Monster on Volume 4: Colonial America splits up the base, using some of our vanilla-infused rum and a house blend of Gosling’s, which is about 100 proof, to bring a deeper richness to the base. The seaweed-scotch mist has been replaced with a seaweed tincture to pack more of a punch beneath the swelling savoriness of the drink.

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