Private Absinthe Experience

Nothing encapsulates the spirit of Golden Age bar culture quite like absinthe.  Absinthe was (and is) a botanical spirit from the Jura Mountains that grew to take over French culture and stake its own place in the burgeoning international cocktail culture at the turn of the 20th century.  At the time absinthe was banned in most of the West (c.1908-1923), it was also the most popular spirit in its home country. 

What, then, happened to absinthe that made it so contentious?  How did it capture such a large part of the market, or of the cultural imagination?  Why, at the peak of its popularity, was it snuffed out?  What the hell even is it and is it as poisonous and horrible as they say? 

Our private absinthe experience explores all these questions and more.  Over the course of two hours, guests sit with our resident Absinthe Professor and discuss the riveting, pitched drama of absinthe history, as well as the science of the “green fairy,” all while tasting our way through a series of absinthes and tinctures organized to intimately acquaint you with this spirit.  Each person also enjoys a two-course meal. 

In West Main fashion, the private experience is unlike any other tasting out there.  We spend just as much time showing you how the palate works with botanicals as we do talking about history and science, and we can’t help but gush over the spirits the whole time.  These experiences can be booked for 2-8 people during business hours, or for larger groups on Sundays and Mondays.  For pricing, booking, and more information in general, email Jonathan at

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