Introducing: “Prescriptions”

With coronavirus wreaking havoc on bar and restaurant ecosystems nationwide, certain restrictions have been eased to help the survival and recovery efforts.  This surprising but brilliant decision has opened the door for us to test something that has long been on our list: bottled West Main cocktails.

So let us introduce you to “Prescriptions,” a shout out to the only way one could legally procure whiskey during Prohibition—with a “prescription” from a “doctor.”  This is a small selection from the popular, authentic cocktails that fill our books. Specific selections will vary, but will always feature a couple light weight cocktails (2 servings per bottle) and a “Barrel Selection” cocktail from our cellar program (3 servings per bottle).

Leading off this program is a “Philadelphia Fish House Punch,” a re-built “French 75,” and a barrel of our 1892-inspired, 15-week old Manhattan.  

These cocktails can be ordered over the phone or through our store and picked up on site, or taken home after dinner.  Of course, it won’t be quite the same as sitting in our space and getting the benefits of glassware, garnishes, or our awesome staff—all crucial to a solid drinking experience—but we hope it will help comfort your social distancing stresses, or that you might share them during our dark days.

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Cocktails and dinner are all available for pick up and delivery.  
Drink orders can be placed through our shop, over the phone, and through DoorDash.
Dinner orders can also be placed over the phone or through DoorDash. 

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