New Year’s Eve, 2019: Yukimuro Wagyu & Bourbon

This December 31, we will be celebrating the New Year in unprecedented style with a pairing dinner to rival all others.  With the first of the two menus we will be offering for New Year’s Eve, we are fortunate enough to show off one of the rarest proteins in the world: Snow-Aged A5 Wagyu Striploin from Niigata Prefecture, Japan.  This obscenely rich and rare product will be showcased through five courses, each preparing the protein in a different way and each paired with a specific bourbon to complement the dishes’ profiles.  

Yukimuro is the process of aging beef and other products in a snow-covered cabin, wherein the product remains at an ambient temperature just above freezing while aging for 30+ days.  This process allows the meat to retain more moisture compared to more common dry-aging process, ultimately creating a final product that is even more tender and juice.  Yukimuro is used on a number of different products, but is known to develop a more pronounced, richer umami profile in a meat product—A5 Wagyu, in this case—that is already famous throughout the world for its stunning flavor and texture.  Because of relatively low supply, snow-aged beef is often counted among the rarest proteins in the world.

We will be sharing this menu in a single seating beginning at 8.30pm on New Year’s Eve, and expect the meal to last between 2.5 and 3 hours.  This is the first of two menus we’ll be serving for the evening, the other being this five-course cocktail pairing menu, but given the limited nature of the product we are proud to announce it first.  The menu can be found below, with each course listing how much meat product will be featured, how it will be prepared, and which bourbons we’ll be pairing with it.  

Tickets for the five-course Yukimuro A5 Wagyu menu with pairings are $230 per person (gratuity included), and $185 for the food menu, with drinks à la carte.  Servings for this particular menu are very limited, so email us at to reserve your ticket and a table. 

The meal will start with1.5oz of beef prepared Sashimi style with Kala Namak (aka “Himalayan Black Salt”) and Perilla, paired with Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage (86.6 proof). 

1.5oz beef Tataki—barely seared, sliced beef prepared similarly to a carpaccio or tiradito—served with daikon and a ponzu made from Chef’s own Meyer Lemons, paired with Woodford Double Oaked (90.4 proof)

1.5oz beef Kushiyaki—petite Japanese skewers—grilled over bourbon barrel briquettes with grilled negi, and ishiru-maitake caramel, paired with Henry McKenna 10yr BIB (100 proof)

A 3.5oz Japanese peppercorn-crusted Pittsburg steak, served with Okinawan sweet potato purée and togarashi smoke-infused yolks, paired with Maker’s Mark Wood Finished: RC6 Stave (108.2 proof). 

The dessert course is inspired by fondue service, celebrating the rich tallow from the A5 Wagyu Striploin and serving it with an assortment of sweet breads: black banana bread, cheese pumpkin bread, and lemon coffee cake.  These will be served with a house infused liqueur of cacao nibs and Basil Hayden’s.

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