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Miriam’s desserts consistently bring smiles to our faces, and the faces of our guests who know they can come every month for something new.  Her current menu is no different, featuring a series of desserts that will, invariably, make you stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to what’s on your spoon. 

Few things are as curious to eat as Angel Food Cake.  The light, airy, weightless sponge is almost a dissonant experience in the mouth compared to the visual feast of a large piece of cake on a plate.  And Miriam’s Angel Food does not disappoint.  The cake is almost immaterial by itself, a perfect conduit for the sponge’s classic light sweetness, and an even better medium to deliver the array of other textures and flavors on the plate: chantilly cream, orange mascarpone, dried raspberry dust, and fresh orange and kiwi slices.  The plate is a visual feast—and an actual feast, but with the weightless sponge as its centerpiece, a feast you won’t regret afterwards. 

Joining the Angel Food Cake is a warm Pear Galette, a crispy ring of pastry surrounding thinly sliced pear.  Everything about this dessert satisfies; it is practically the platonic abstract of “Pastry Dessert”: crunchy and crispy but not tough, indulgent but not too sweet, with warm, baked pear providing that evocative, cooked fruit flavor that is quintessential dessert nostalgia.

In addition to these two, we also have a trio of ice creams that are truly surprising: brown butter-sage-pumpkin, apple-pear-rosemary, and pawpaw.  These ice creams have been prepared over the past season while each of these products was in the height of its harvest, and the flavors are vivid and arresting. Each ice cream has its own accompaniment: chocolate crumbs and fried sage with the pumpkin; rosemary streusel and apple cider caramel with the apple-pear-rosemary; and a fabulous, wavy tuile cookie and milk crumbs with the pawpaw.  For those non-native to Kentucky, or otherwise unfamiliar with the pawpaw, this Appalachian fruit is a particular treat—it lasts about 1 day ripe on the tree—and is so incredible as an ice-cream flavor that it shan’t be missed. 

Of course, these incredible confections join the chocolate-meringue tart on our dessert menu, and will be here about 4 weeks.  This is a menu that (and it’s so important I’ll say it twice) should not be missed.  Get down here and enjoy these fall desserts while you can. 

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