New Desserts | June, 2019

We’ve got some gorgeous new desserts to start off your summer with a well-earned treat.  Our pastry chef, Miriam Martinez Prisciliano, has rolled out a new Dessert Menu for June and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

To start off we have a summery new play on our recurring “Cookies & Cream” dessert theme.  A luxurious strawberry buttermilk ice cream is the highlight of this plate, with a rich texture and a bright, nostalgic strawberry flavor.  This sits on a bed of lemon crumbs and chocolate ganache.  A fabulous disk of pâté sablée provides the cookie element to this dish—a cookie made of buttery French shortcrust pastry usually used for tarte shells—sticking askant from the ball of ice cream.  Fresh strawberry and basil leaf cut outs also adorn this plate, a classic combination as fresh as it is aromatic. 

Our second dessert is an over the top combination of chocolate and orange that we’re simply calling “Chocolate & Orange” (because “Chocolate-Two-Ways and Orange-Three-Ways” was too long to put on the menu).  A slice of dense, rich chocolate brownie, surmounted by a layer of dreamy chocolate ganache, comprises the centerpiece of this dish, dressed with the slightest sprinkle of edible gold dust for added luxury.  This is accompanied by a slice of candied orange and a quenelle of whipped orange cream—sweet and a smooth treats on either side of the brownie.  All this is dressed with an orange-infused caramel that really is the coup de grâce for your palate. 

Of course, these new desserts join the Appalachian-inspired “Mom’s Chocolate Meringue Tart” that is the singular recurring dessert on our menu.  Come down this month and treat yourself before these gorgeous plates go away.  

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