New Desserts, July 2019

Our July desserts have arrived, and they are perfect for the gruesome heat we’re having this month! 

A Vanilla Panna Cotta is a silky summer treat, a final finesse to end your meal and your day.  A hemisphere of sexy, smooth vanilla panna cotta is the heart of this dish, with a clustering of bright, acidic flavors and a spectrum of textures for accompaniment.  Splatters of cherry-port foam bring a shocking red color and tartness to the plate, with fresh cherries.  Drops of chocolate ganache and piles of milk crumbs bring even more texture to this dish, with smoother, warmer flavors. The over all impression of this dish is the contrast between tart and milky flavors, between crumbly and fleshy and silky textures.  

The classic Pavlova inspires our other gorgeous summer dessert.  Cubes of orange spice cake form the substance of this plate, arranged with an incredible strawberry-blueberry compote that is dense and tart.  The vague warmth of the spice cake lifts the orange flavor and is bolstered by an orange custard on the plate.  Sheets of baked Swiss meringue are broken into shards and dressed with nutmeg and lemon thyme leaves.  The rest of the plate is dotted with berry-port syrup, a deep, viscous element bringing a sultry depth to this dish.  This dish hints at warm fall flavors but packs punches with multiple acidic, bright, summery elements, with the meringue as a balancing medium.  

None of these should be missed—they so perfectly walk the line between decadent dessert textures and a bright, light flavor.  These are joined, of course, by our chocolate-meringue tarte, a dressed up version of the Appalachian staple, chocolate-meringue pie.  While the latter is here always, the Pavlova and Panna Cotta are only here for the month of July.  Don’t miss out.  

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