New Desserts | February, 2019

As we get into the groove of 2019, it’s time to introduce a low key program that will bring joy to your heart and your sweet tooth. Our pastry chef, Miriam Martinez Prisciliano, has debuted a new Dessert Menu and it is classic, playful, and exactly what you need.

Miriam joined our team at the end of 2018 and immediately took the level of our bread and pastry to another plane. Her first task was to reimagine Chef Gregory’s Chocolate Meringue Pie—a classic Appalachian dessert familiar to many—into a balanced, modern bite, a bite that will probably never leave the dessert menu.

chef Miriam Martinez Prisciliano

But Miriam’s own desserts have changed with such speed that it’s almost impossible now to think of all the gorgeous creations that we’ve had the opportunity to serve since she joined us. Even her Churro dessert, available until last week and served with cinnamon-rum ice cream and chocolate cake, is already being taken over in our minds by her newest creations. Consequently, we’ll be taking the time to celebrate Miriam’s prolificacy and enjoying her desserts by announcing her newest menu every month.

cookies & cream february

For a few menus now, Miriam has presented different variations on the classic “Cookies & Cream” motif, previously featuring an assemblage of cookies and milk chocolate, or most recently a white chocolate mousse atop a chocolate chip cookie, covered in a mirror chocolate glaze. The newest Cookies & Cream approaches the idea from a the perspective of an ice cream sandwich, featuring a half puck of persimmon ice cream between half-baked chocolate cookies and served with chocolate ganache and chocolate crumbs.

tres leches

The current menu also features a gorgeous and whimsical Tres Leches cake. This variation of the Mexican classic features dairy-soaked vanilla sponge cake and an assortment of dairy in three ways: whipped, foamed, and crumbed. These are plated with macerated fresh pineapple, hibiscus flowers, and milk chocolate.

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