New Desserts | April, 2019

True to form, our Pastry Chef Miriam has put out a new dessert menu this month, and it’s worth a special trip just to treat yourself.  

For the month of April, Miriam has set us up with a gorgeous amaretto and apricot cheesecake with surprising depth and warmth of flavor.  A classic graham cracker crust is complemented with finely diced dried apricot and a warm chocolate drizzle.  On the plate you’ll also find a ball of macaron ice cream—which is exactly as you might expect: delicious and delightfully textural—on a bed of chocolate crumbs.  Both the cheesecake and the ice cream are offset with fabulous almond lace cookies for added texture and more warm flavor notes. 

Also on this menu is a take on two classic Mexican treats: flan and rompope.  Rompope is often likened to a rum eggnog, and these flavors are combined with the custard texture of a classic flan for a fun, decadent bite.  Fresh mango and macerated pineapple provide a biting freshness to help cut through the richness of the flan.  On the plate, a hibiscus membrillo and caramel whipped cream add further nuance, and ensure each bite brings something different to your palate. 

As always, these two desserts join the Chocolate Meringue Tart on our dessert menu, together providing an opportunity to end your meal and/or your evening on the right note.  Come check it before they go away for a new menu in May. 

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