Laird & Company

For three hundred years, the same New Jersey family has distilled apple brandy, a staple for Colonial Americans. Licensed since 1780, Laird & Company is the oldest legally operating distiller in the United States. Their one-hundred proof “applejack” is a fundamental spirit in Golden Age cocktails. This cocktail flight features three cocktails, each of which provides a different expression of Laird’s apple brandy. From left to right, these are the Corpse Reviver #1, with cognac, Laird’s, Cocchi di Torino, bogart bitters; the Jack Rose, with Laird’s, lemon, lime, grenadine, and Peychaud’s bitters; and the Wassail, with Laird’s, Oloroso sherry, cider, lemon, house Fall Syrup, and monk bitters.

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