Kaeng Phet

spicy, citrusy, herbaceous, bittersweet
curry spiced-infused blanco tequila, aperol, lime, thai basil, coconut, bogart bitters

Meaning “spicy” or “hot” curry, Kaeng Phet is an ode to those feverish dishes which haunt our taste buds’ dreams. This cocktail perfectly bridges the gap between food and beverage that makes this menu exciting, instigating a cognitively dissonant experience with its spot on curry flavor. Fiery-hot Thai chili peppers are the beating heart of the curry-infusion, along with hints of ginger, garlic, and coriander.  The sweeter, softer flavors of coconut, citrus, and sugar help to balance the cocktail’s spiciness.  If you have an affinity for red curries, then this cocktail is for you.

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