Icelandic Gimlet

earthy, savory, salty, orange blossom, herbaceous
Icelandic aquavit, trashy beet kvass, picon, grenadine

Inspired by the flavors of the Far North, this Nordic treat transforms a gin-based Gimlet into something dark, salty, and savory. The Icelandic Gimlet substitutes a “trashy” beet kvass for a traditional cordial—building the kvass out of beets and other bar ingredient scraps like beet greens, basil, ginger, and caraway. Kvass is an herbal, lightly fermented beverage from eastern Europe, often flavored with herbs, fruits, or rye bread. Our Trashy Beet Kvass pair with aquavit, a caraway-infused spirit, our Amer Picon, and grenadine. For the daredevil imbiber, the Icelandic Gimlet is a unique experience with notes of beet juice, orange blossom, basil, ginger, and rye bread.

icelandic gimlet

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