I Heart Absinthe: Corpse Reviver No. 2

Though today you could easily get this drink by simply ordering a “Corpse Reviver,” this cocktail was part of a short series (of two) made by Harry Craddock at the American Bar in the Savoy. Like the Chyrsanthemum, it can be found in Craddock’s 1930, but unlike the Chrysanthemum the Corpse Revivers #1 and #2 were Craddock’s own specific variations on a 19th century style of reviver cocktails. For more information we recommend Cara Strickland’s article on TOTC’s blog.

Because one of Craddock’s original ingredients, Kina Lillet, has bitten the dust as of 1980s, we, like many others, use Cocchi Americano in lieu of Lillet Blanc, which joins lemon, cointreau, an absinthe rinse, and London Dry gin to produce this bright, uplifting, even bracing cocktail. The Corpse Reviver No. 2 is accompanied on our “I Heart Absinthe” cocktail flight by the Chrysanthemum and the Absinthe Frappé.

I heart absinthe corpse reviver 2

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