House Sazerac

boozy, herbaceous, aromatic, complex
kentucky rye whiskey, cognac, gomme, peychaud’s bitters, monk bitters, rinse of kentucky absinthe

The classic Whiskey Cocktail is made from whiskey, water, sugar, and bitters. Sometime in the mid-nineteenth century, a riff of this classic was created in New Orleans: the Sazerac Cocktail, named after the Sazerac-de-Forge et Fils brand of cognac. Our version, the “House Sazerac,” starts with a rinse of Kentucky absinthe followed by a classic combination of herbal rye whiskey paired with a fruity, higher proof cognac. The resulting flavors are mildly herbaceous, with medicinal notes of wormwood, menthol, clove, and anise.

We often put forward our House Sazerac as an example of our program here at West Main Crafting Co, and there is a simple reason. We treat this familiar cocktail with the love it deserves, using both cognac and rye whiskey, and gomme syrup in lieu of the more ubiquitous simple syrup or sugar cube. The result is something familiar, but powerfully aromatic and beautifully nuanced—an eye opening experience to the rich history and craft of an authentic cocktail.

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