House of Picon: Picon Punch

The Picon Punch originated as the cocktail of Basque emigres in America and was then taken back home to eventually become the colloquial “cocktail of the Basque Nation.” But through Amer Picon’s recipe changes and its eventual discontinuation in the U.S., the Picon Punch itself became a lost reminder of a mostly lost home. Until, that is, craft cocktails bars around the world began reproducing approximations of the original Amer Picon and opened back up the world of this layered, nuanced, aromatic grand bitter and its cocktails. The Picon Punch is dry but slightly sweet and also fruity, with stone fruit, pomegranate, and floral orange notes. While those notes aren’t necessarily easily reconciled, their combination in this punch cocktail illustrates how easily you can achieve a complex flavor profile with a few authentic ingredients.

Our Picon Punch combines our house Amer Picon with cognac, grenadine, and soda water, and together with the Brooklyn and the Liberal Cocktail comprises our House of Picon cocktail flight.

house of picon punch cocktail

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