Hemingway Daiquiri

dry, citrusy, summery, soothing, refreshing
Nicaraguan silver rum, grapefruit, lime, sugar, maraschino

Named after author Ernest Hemingway, this Daiquiri was first created by bartender Constantino Ribalaigua Vert in the late 1920s. At his Havana bar, El Floridita, Ribalaigua was famous for his daiquiris; each of his recipes was carefully numbered in the order in which he crafted them. Hemingway’s favorite cocktail was the frozen Daiquiri #3, although he preferred his “dry,” by which he meant absolutely no sugar—not surprising for this manliest man. So Ribalaigua made a mouth-puckering version for our man, with double everything else and no sugar, also called the “Papa Doble.”

Ribalaigua’s original Daiquiri #3 recipe, which is believed to date to 1915 and therefore predates Hemingway’s arrival in Cuba, was later adjusted by his nephew, Antonio Meilan. He helped Ribalaigua’s wife run the bar after the latter’s death. Meilan added maraschino to the Papa Doble and changed its name to the “Hemingway Special.”

Hemingway daiquiri cocktail

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