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Volume 7: Mixtape, 2015-2020

When we took our first steps toward opening West Main Crafting Co. in 2015, we wanted to pair delicious craft cocktails with thoughtful, impeccable table service. We strove to innovate and to impress. We made authenticity our mission. For our seventh volume, we compiled our first ever "mixtape" with some of our most popular "tracks" from the past five years. We hope you enjoy these sentimental favorites as much as we do.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Tequila, aperol, lime, watermelon shrub, bitters, soda water.

Pickled Gimlet

Gin, pickled leek cordial, lime.

Bird's Eye Smash

Bird's eye rhum agricole, lime, Thai basil, cilantro.

Bird of Paradise

gin, lime, raspberry, soda water, egg white


sparkling wine, crème de violette, bitters, soda water


tequila, campari, cocchi di torino, noilly prat, bitters

White Sangaree

house white wine, lemon, grapefruit, curaçao


Our most recognizable cocktails today succeed by trusting in the quality of the best Kentucky whiskeys. These best-selling signature drinks showcase our commitment to crafting unforgettable cocktails with top-quality local spirits.

White Oak Fashioned

kentucky bourbon, gomme, hazelnut bitters, woodland essence

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The Liberal

Kentucky bourbon, picon, sugar, bogart bitters

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Sazerac Cocktail

ky rye, brandy, gomme, bitters, absinthe

Jurassic Julep

pineapple & coconut rye, brandy, rum, cynar, mint

Tarte & Refreshing

The key to a perfect-tasting sour, margarita, or daiquiri is fresh citrus juice. Whether we use clementines or blood oranges, citrons or pomelos, our fruit is sourced from the best purveyors. We juice our lemons and limes daily before service.

Hickory Sour

Hickory wood- and peach-infused Kentucky bourbon, lemon, honey, apricot brandy, orange bitters, aquafaba

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Fire Pit Margarita

Mezcal, tequila, chipotle-pineapple agave, lime, curaçao, orange bitters

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Redbud Road

Aperol, lemon, Kentucky bourbon, orange bitters, aquafaba

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Hemingway Daiquiri

puerto rican rum, lime, grapefruit, maraschino

Bubbly & Sparkling

When we drink a carbonated beverage, the pleasant tingling sensation comes from carbonic acid. In order to achieve this in our cocktails, we rely on an authentic, old-timey soda fountain to get the perfect amount of carbonation.

Gin & Tonic

kentucky gin, house tonic syrup, soda water

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French 75

gin (or vodka), lemon, sugar, sparkling wine

Savoie Spritz

dolin blanc, soda water, bitters


A highball is a traditional "one-and-one" mixed drink, consisting of a base spirit and something fizzy--a "vodka and soda," for example. Using our soda fountain, we can create fun and exciting highballs with completely new flavors.

The White Birch

vodka, birch liqueur, cocchi americano, soda water

Picon Punch

picon, brandy, grenadine, soda water


campari, cocchi di torino, soda water

Tropical Vibes

The Polynesian-themed restaurant trend of the 1930s gave birth to the American Tiki craze, characterized by their use of complex blends of rums, lavish fruit syrups, and bright, colorful garnishes. We prefer to think of it as "tropical vibes."

Dark & Stormy

bermudian rum, lime cordial, ginger beer


puerto rican rum, lime, sugar, mint, soda water


jamaican rums, lemon, passionfruit, grenadine, bitters

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Absinthe Cocktails

Absinthe has been an essential cocktail ingredient since the 1890s. Like its spiritual sister, gin, absinthe is distilled with dried herbs and spices, making it a fun, complex accompaniment to cocktails.

Absinthe Fizz

Absinthe, old tom gin, lemon, honey, orgeat, bogart bitters, aquafaba, soda water


noilly prat, bénédictine, absinthe, bitters

Absinthe Frappé

absinthe, orgeat, anisette, bitters

Cocktails from the Cellar

For centuries, humans have used oak barrels to infuse their wines, beers, and spirits with flavor. By barreling our cocktails, we are extracting tasty organic compounds, as well as slowly oxidizing our ingredients to create softer textures.



kentucky gin, punt e mes, campari

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Cellared Cocktail

A rare, vintage-dated cocktail drawn from our cellar.


Modern bartenders use an amazing array of ingredients in their craft, and coffee is no exception to their experimentation. Whether you have been out all night or you just got off work, these cocktails are perfect caffeinated pick-me-ups.

Colonel Beam's Iced Coffee

ky bourbon, cold brew, dairy, allspice dram, bitters

Cold Brew Martini

vodka, cold brew, espresso liqueur, bitters

Danger Zone

mezcal, cold brew, campari, cocchi di torino

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