Cocktail Flight: “Professor” Jerry Thomas

Recognized as the first bartender’s guide published, How To Mix Drinks or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion (1862) by “Professor” Jerry Thomas has captured bartenders’ imaginations for over one hundred and fifty years.  With a wide range of long-forgotten drinks, as well as classic cocktails, the book is a must-read for cocktail enthusiasts.  In homage to the earliest titan of cocktail culture, Volume 5b features a cocktail flight of three cocktails from this classic read.

From left to right: the Hot Whisky Toddy, with blended Scotch whisky, ginger liqueur, honey, lemon, and hot water; the Japanese Cocktail, with cognac, orgeat, sugar, bogart bitters, and orange blossom water; and the Crushed Strawberry Fizz, with Old Tom gin, lemon, strawberry gomme, and soda water. 

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