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Hickory Sour

smoked wood, grilled peaches, lemon, charcoalhickory wood- and peach-infused Kentucky bourbon, lemon, honey, apricot brandy, orange bitters, aquafaba One of our best-selling cocktails, this signature variation of the classic Whiskey Sour is built by infusing Kentucky bourbon whiskey with gently charred hickory wood and plenty of peaches. A fun, fruit-filled

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Limmer’s Hotel Punch

green apple, honeydew melon, fresh-cut grassold tom gin, lemon, oleo-saccharum, maraschino, orange blossom water, bogart bitters, blanquette de limoux sparkling wine In the early 1800s, at the Limmer’s Hotel in London, England, an enterprising headwaiter created a Gin Punch so famous his guests named it after him: the John Collins.  By the 1870s,

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Hotel Nacional

stone fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, pineappledemerara rum, lime, pineapple gomme, apricot brandy, monk bitters First recorded in the 1890s, the Daiquiri is one of the finest creations of the Golden Age.  Although the Daiquiri would be perfected by the maestro of The Florida Bar, we do enjoy this version by

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Introducing: “Prescriptions”

With coronavirus wreaking havoc on bar and restaurant ecosystems nationwide, certain restrictions have been eased to help the survival and recovery efforts.  This surprising but brilliant decision has opened the door for us to test something that has long been on our list: bottled West Main cocktails. So let us introduce you

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Arsenic & Old Lace

wintergreen, white peppercorn, anise, cherry blossom  Japanese gin, chambéry blanc, crème de violet, absinthe, orange bitters.   The Martini—or Martine, Martinez, Turf Club—dates back to the very late 1870s, but the cocktail reached its glorious height near the end of the Golden Age.  By American Prohibition, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of riffs on this classic.

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The Liberal Cocktail

Bittersweet orange, clove, caramel, dark chocolate Kentucky bourbon, picon, sugar, Bogart bitters Our best-selling “secret” since we opened, the Liberal Cocktail first appeared in George Kappeler’s Modern American Drinks in 1895.  While the original drink relied on rye whiskey, we prefer the vanilla and toffee flavors found in bourbon, so we

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