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The Model Absinthe Factory

When discussing absinthe history, it’s impossible to avoid the house of Pernod.  Maison Pernod Fils was the first French distillery to make absinthe, and it was the most popular brand by far throughout the nineteenth century—so much so that ordering absinthe at a bar or café was as easy as

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The Trinity, part 2

The Trinity of absinthe plants gets the most air time among popular absinthe sites and books.  Of course, there are many other plants used to make absinthe (historical and modern).  Four plants in particular form a set nearly as ubiquitous as the OG Trinity, and they get a fraction of

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The Trinity, part 1.

Quite a variety of plants can be used to flavor absinthe, though some are used far more often than others.  The combination of plants, proportions, and base spirit make up the absinthe’s recipe, and the recipe in question changes based on the flavor and style of spirit the distiller has

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Flaming Absinthe

Please consider this an impassioned attempt to explain and stop the heinous modern curiosity of setting either one’s absinthe or one’s sugar cube for absinthe aflame. Such drinking criminalities must come to an end.  Often the word “absinthe” conjures images of flaming Listerine in some “chic” glass or other, often

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Absinthe & Eiffel

Though not often discussed outside the spirits industry, spirit history often intersects with some of the most familiar historical episodes and personages.  For example, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys were tight on Stone Fences when they took Fort Ticonderoga; the notorious mezcal worm is, in a round about

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Private Absinthe Experience

Nothing encapsulates the spirit of Golden Age bar culture quite like absinthe.  Absinthe was (and is) a botanical spirit from the Jura Mountains that grew to take over French culture and stake its own place in the burgeoning international cocktail culture at the turn of the 20th century.  At the

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Cocktails and dinner are all available for pick up and delivery.  
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