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In the back of our printed menus, we include a glossary so people can choose their own level of engagement.  We’re always at hand to answer questions and tell stories, but in case you’re uncomfortable asking questions we want you to have access to everything you need to make the right choice or satisfy your curiosity.  For the same purpose, here is an electronic version of our glossary from Volume 6.

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The Liberal Cocktail

Bittersweet orange, clove, caramel, dark chocolate Kentucky bourbon, picon, sugar, Bogart bitters Our best-selling “secret” since we opened, the Liberal Cocktail first appeared in George Kappeler’s Modern American Drinks in 1895.  While the original drink relied on rye whiskey, we prefer the vanilla and toffee flavors found in bourbon, so we

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(New and) Improved Holland Cocktail

Apricot, granola, malt, roasted chestnut Barrel-aged genever, French oak syrup, maraschino, absinthe, orange bitters The Holland Cocktail gets its name from the base spirit, genever, a grain-based distillate from the Netherlands.  As the prototype for modern-day gin, genever was one of the most dominant spirits during the Golden Age, with

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Absinthe Is…

Absinthe was a fundamental ingredient in nineteenth-century cocktails, and fundamental to nineteenth-century culture at large.  Beginning its life in 1795, this botanical spirit rose from provincial origins to become the presiding muse of the French empire, of that empire’s arts, and of international imagination.  Simultaneous to its rise, however, absinthe

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New Desserts | February, 2020

Every new month brings some new things at West Main, but usually we’re most excited about our monthly dessert menu changes. This month, we’re moving to some true comfort desserts to shelter us for the remainder of the winter, and you don’t want to miss out.   Warm sorghum doughnuts

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Winter Food Menu, 2020

Our Winter Food Menu is here and features some gorgeous, warming food for these dark and (supposedly) cold months.  With every passing menu certain items reify their “West Main Staples” status, but we’re happy to update these with new, seasonal setups.  Other items are completely new for this menu and

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Cocktails and dinner are all available for pick up and delivery.  
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