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The Trinity, part 1.

Quite a variety of plants can be used to flavor absinthe, though some are used far more often than others.  The combination of plants, proportions, and base spirit make up the absinthe’s recipe, and the recipe in question changes based on the flavor and style of spirit the distiller has

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Charles Dickens’s Enchanted Mint Julep

Here in the Bluegrass, the Spring is marked by a series of back to back events largely unknown to the outside world: four weeks of horse racing at Keeneland, immediately followed by the world renowned Kentucky Three-Day Event (more horses), and then, one week later, the world famous Kentucky Derby. 

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Flaming Absinthe

Please consider this an impassioned attempt to explain and stop the heinous modern curiosity of setting either one’s absinthe or one’s sugar cube for absinthe aflame. Such drinking criminalities must come to an end.  Often the word “absinthe” conjures images of flaming Listerine in some “chic” glass or other, often

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Absinthe & Eiffel

Though not often discussed outside the spirits industry, spirit history often intersects with some of the most familiar historical episodes and personages.  For example, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys were tight on Stone Fences when they took Fort Ticonderoga; the notorious mezcal worm is, in a round about

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Green Swizzle

lime, banana, mango, molasses, wormwoodjamaican rum, nicaraguan rum, lime cordian, allspice dram, anisette, wormwood bitters Popularized by the grand hotel bars of the Caribbean in the 1890s, the Green Swizzle is a lost gem of the Golden Age.  A blend of rum, falernum, and spices, the cocktail gets its distinctive

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complex, earthy, bitter, herbalkentucky dry gin, cocchi di torino, green chartreuse, absinthe, campari Basically a latter-day riff on the Bijou Cocktail (which we think was crafted by Harry Johnson sometime in the 1890s), the Tailspin has made a resurgence in recent years.  A blend of gin, vermouth, and Green Chartreuse–an

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