Beneath the Surface

rosemary, sherry, plum, pine, orange zest
Blended Scotch whiskey, picon, cocchi di torino, mgp rye syrup

Beneath the Surface explores the depth of our Amer Picon, pairing its bittersweet-but-floral orange flavors with a blended Speyside scotch whiskey, sweetened with a jammy vermouth and a simple syrup made from rye whiskey rather than water. Each sip reveals deeper and more complex layers of flavor as the cocktail develops notes of crisp evergreen, orange zest, sherry, and hardy spices—a unique creation crafted in the style of the great old ones.

beneath the surface cocktail

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Temporary Shut Down

Due to Governor Andy’s “No Indoor Seating” rule, we will be closed for on-site service at least until the week of December 14.  
In the meantime, we are offering takeout service from our food and beverage programs.  We are open for takeout Tuesday-Saturday, 5-9pm.   Call 859.618.6318 to place an order.