We are a nineteenth century-inspired craft cocktail bar specializing in authentic drinks and the stories behind them.  We make all of our ingredients in house to ensure authenticity and quality.  We produce two cocktail menus every year in the form of coffee table books, each exploring different themes and cocktail styles.  Our kitchen specializes in locally sourced, responsibly-raised and -cultivated foods that show off the proteins and seasonal produce of Kentucky.  Both our bar and kitchen practice different variations of zero-waste programs. 

Jake Sulek, Beverage Director

After ten years in the industry, Jake has developed a program that simultaneously pays homage to the storied past of cocktail and spirits culture, while pushing the boundaries of our industry through our semi-annual, thematic cocktail books. He designs cocktail bars in his spare time because he can’t stop working.

Greg Spaulding, Head Chef

After getting his Bachelor’s degree in History at UK, Greg has applied his love for Appalachian and Southern history, and for American agricultural heritage, to his menus.  He has developed a program that celebrates and preserves local farms, sourcing whole animals to create exciting dishes.  In an alternate universe, Gregory is a fisherman, but in this one there are bills to pay.

Jonathan Laurel, Brand Director

Jonathan’s mandate as Brand Director is to ensure the most memorable experience possible for our guests, as well as to develop other educational programs for staff and consumers.  He believes beverage experiences are more compelling than other areas of academia, and eagerly pursues the stories of our craft.  In his spare time he just reads because he’s weird.  

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