A Note About Coronavirus

Hello all, 

One thing we see when studying cocktail and spirits history (and general history) is that “unprecedented” isn’t usually an historically valid adjective.  Nevertheless, the events of 2020 (so far) certainly feel that way, and we have returned to work to help ourselves and you cope in the way we know how: a comforting safe space, a familiar face (albeit masked), and the simple pleasure of a great drink.  

Though there are many issues worthy of discussing this summer, we are still operating under the cloud of Coronavirus.  While some are choosing not to enforce even the most reasonable guidelines for public health, we and many colleagues in our community take our public health responsibilities seriously.  We’re thankful for the leadership, emotional support, and bravery of some incredible people in our local industry, as well as our own staff.  Our eagerness for normalcy aside, we have some new practices in place to help preserve the health of our sanctuary.  

We are currently operating on a reservation-only basis.  Social distancing guidelines limit our seating opportunities, obviously, and affect our staffing.  To ensure we can provide what we consider a leading standard of service, we ask everyone to make reservations.  Of course, we are happy to seat walk-ins if possible, but rezzies are the way to go. Reservations can be made through OpenTable, or by emailing us at guestservices@westmain.com.  For questions or info about private experiences, email me at jlaurel@westmain.com.  

Our staff will be wearing PPE.  To keep you and our staff, and the people in our staff’s lives safe, we are suiting up with masks and gloves.  We must also insist everyone wear a mask when entering the premises as well, at least until your first drinks arrive.  We are also checking everyone’s temperature at the door with a no-contact laser that looks like a speed gun.  It’s weird, but it works, and if a guest registers a temperature over the healthy average we must ask them to leave.  If you are exhibiting signs of illness, please reschedule your reservation. 

Please also note we have new hours coming out of Quarantine.  

Tuesday-Saturday, 6pm-12a.  Once we feel nightlife has recovered a little, we return to later hours during the weekend.

Though the West Main team is happy to be back doing “The Thing,” reopening has been a stressful time for all of us in service and hospitality and I personally had anxiety about our return.  I couldn’t be happier or more relieved at the response from our guests.  Let me tell you, especially our familiar regulars who reached out during quarantine, you who were first to make reservations, who’ve raced to the bar with smiles and kind words happily shouted through masks—you guys have been the greatest part of the last month. You remind me how important a good drink and good conversation is to our community, and how important locally-owned restaurants and bars are to our city’s life.  And to the surprising number of new faces making their way downtown to visit us like so many brave, masked Vanessa Carltons, you are an unexpected and reassuring surprise and we’re happy to welcome you to our merry band.

As bars and restaurants in cities everywhere are forced to undergo singularly high scrutiny, and as the industry grapples with new business models and survivalist creativity, we are so comforted by you, our peeps.  If you are still uncomfortable visiting us and having an experience on premises, you can now purchase a selection of our cocktails to take home through our “Prescriptions” program.  Bars have long been sanctuaries from plague, from stress, and occasionally from Johnny 5 0, and we’re glad to be that now.  To everyone who is visiting West Main in the coming months, thank you for your support, and thank you for understanding the new restrictions we are enforcing.  

My thanks, 

Jonathan Laurel

Brand Director

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