A Great Old One: The Hot Toddy

With debated origins between the 1780s and the early 1800s, the Hot Toddy seems a ubiquitous ameliorative for both cold weather and the every day cold. Reasonably so, since, no matter that this cocktail is almost 200 years old, it never fails to keep you warm or sooth a sore throat. On occasion, though, one is surprised to be reminded that the Hot Toddy is originally a beautiful, warm, spiced cocktail in its own right, even beyond its curative properties. Our Hot Toddy combines blended Scotch whiskey, honey, clove, lemon and hot water, and is the quintessence of an “oldie but a goodie.”

(Not just a classic, our house Toddy can also be found as part of our Great Old Ones cocktail fight, joined by the Improved Holland Cocktail and the Widow’s Kiss.)

great old ones hot toddy

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