We specialize in authentic, historically-inspired drinks and adventurous new riffs. Our cocktail menus are semi-annual coffee table books with changing themes and seasonal variations.


Our seasonal food menus strive to be both inventive and uncomplicated, combining eclectic influences with our Southern roots and modern techniques for a uniquely delicious dining experience.


Born of our commitment to authenticity, our interest in absinthe has become an obsession. Read more about our collection and our tastings.

Private Experiences

West Main offers a series of private tastings to share our favorite stories behind spirit and cocktail culture. These tastings are designed for new and experienced drinkers alike, and are for couples and groups.

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Believe it or not, Tlthe Julep presents a huge range of possibilities.  Let us introduce you to some of them with our Jurassic Julep, from Volume 7a: pineapple- and coconut-infused rye, brandy, rum, cynar, and mint. 

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From our Dinner Menu: Mushroom Consommé with mushroom dumplings and a poached egg.  

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A standard, a favorite, and a perfect pairing for this weather; from Volume 7a, the White Sangaree: house white wine, lemon, grapefruit, curaçao.

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📌 Sazerac

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From our Spring Dinner Menu: Stonecross Farms bone-in porkchop with coconut-ginger rice, ramp kimchi, and fermented smoked-fresno chili hot sauce.

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A gift from a caring stranger: "Octopussie the Younger." Thank you so much to the lovely lady who sent us this gift in memory of Octopussie, who got stolen 2 weeks ago, and who signed their letter, "From All the Best, Mom." ❤

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Hi there, hey there. Happy you are here!
I love getting to know people beyond the what is your job? where are you from? etc. questions. It takes work to really get to know people these days. But it is so worth it!
You probably know the basics on me – an event planner, lives in Lexington, KY, has a deep love for all things pink, but …
Here are 5 things you may not know about me….
✨ I have a degree Speech Pathology. I practiced for a year, turns out I didn’t love it and decided I wanted to be a wedding and event planner (my dad still isn’t over it). 🤣
✨ I am the middle child – 3 girls. All of our names start with A. I was/am rarely called by my own name (and to make it worse, I have 2 nieces with “A” names).
✨ I despise black licorice and cantaloupe.
✨ I was once on a reality TV show about planning a wedding. Spoiler alert – it in fact wasn’t exactly “reality”.
✨ I would rather drive than fly just about anywhere. Road trips are good for the soul and let’s just say I’m not exactly known for packing light.
Now, tell me something I may not know about you??

📷 mrs_malicotephoto
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COVID update:

We are going to continue with masks until June 11, when KY will return to 100% capacity. We're asking everyone wear a mask into the bar and when away from their tables. This is to keep our staff from being the target of rants and soapbox spiels. Thank you for understanding and supporting our team.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 170 customer reviews.
  • 4 star ratingNice little spot. The cocktails are great, but they get expensive fast. The food wasn't bad but I miss the... read more

    Chris U. Avatar
    Chris U.

    5 star ratingThis is absolutely the best experience I've had. I've been to several different craft cocktail bars but this tops it... read more

    Brittany M. Avatar
    Brittany M.
  • Great drinks, friendly employees, and the food was good and decently priced. Will definitely be back.

    Aaron Eaton Avatar
    Aaron Eaton

    Love this place for a great date night. Super yummy food and great drink. The bar tenders are true mixologists... read more

    Alex Pereira Avatar
    Alex Pereira
  • 5 star ratingBest drinks in Lexington. Always great service.

    Taylor J. Avatar
    Taylor J.

    4 star ratingFirst, I was a little freaked out by the level of extreme hvac blowing across our table. Food was excellent... read more

    Bayney Avatar
  • Wonderful service and amazing cocktails.

    Laurel Raimondo Martin Avatar
    Laurel Raimondo Martin

    5 star ratingThe food, drinks, and service were amazing. Highly recommend the baked brie. The food menu was small but had something... read more

    765robt Avatar
  • The bartenders are top notch and the ribeye was well prepared. Sides for the ribeye were uninspired keeping it from... read more

    John Precht Avatar
    John Precht

    I’ve been in love with WMC for years. I cannot tell you how happy I am that they’ve not only... read more

    Heather Stratton Avatar
    Heather Stratton
  • I'm basing this review on three components: the cocktails, the food, and the atmosphere. First off, this place is all... read more

    David Endean Avatar
    David Endean

    The food was good, the drinks were exceptional. Staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Very nice atmosphere.

    Toni Henninger Young Avatar
    Toni Henninger Young
  • Great atmosphere.
    I had the salmon and veggies.
    My daughter and SIL had the steak entree, and they loved their drinks.
    I didn't...
    read more

    Rebecca Oden Avatar
    Rebecca Oden

    5 star ratingLove love loveeeee. A bit overwhelming with all the options but the place is DEFINITELY one to try!!!

    Bri M. Avatar
    Bri M.
  • 5 star ratingThanks to Davin, my waiter, for an awesome dining experience. He steered me towards amazing dishes I would not have... read more

    Gabriel S. Avatar
    Gabriel S.

    One of the best cocktail places I've been to, they are doing everything at a very high level, making everything... read more

    Michael Cox Avatar
    Michael Cox
  • Incredible cocktails, delicious food, lovely atmosphere. We were blown away by our experience. Attention to detail did not go over... read more

    Julie Brooks Avatar
    Julie Brooks

    5 star ratingFood and service was impeccable. The toasted grilled cheese tea sandwich was charred and not only did they replace it... read more

    Diana W. Avatar
    Diana W.
  • 5 star ratingCame here for drinks last weekend. We decided to sit at the bar and I loved it. Their drink menu... read more

    Kelly M. Avatar
    Kelly M.

    Great experience!! The staff was informative & fun ❤️

    Ashley Lottes Engle Avatar
    Ashley Lottes Engle

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Take Out & Delivery

Cocktails and dinner are all available for pick up and delivery.  
Drink orders can be placed through our shop, over the phone, and through DoorDash.
Dinner orders can also be placed over the phone or through DoorDash. 

Available Tuesday-Saturday, 4-10.30pm