We specialize in authentic, historically-inspired drinks and adventurous new riffs. Our cocktail menus are semi-annual coffee table books with changing themes and seasonal variations.


Our seasonal food menus strive to be both inventive and uncomplicated, combining eclectic influences with our Southern roots and modern techniques for a uniquely delicious dining experience.


West Main boasts a collection of over 70 absinthes from France, Switzerland, and the U.S. Traditional service is always available. For private tasting experiences, email our in-house absintheur at

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Bird's Eye Smash

Representing Volume 5 on our current Mixtape menu: the Bird's Eye Smash.  Bird's Eye Chili-infused Rhum agricole, lime, thai basil, cilantro.  

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Hi there, hey there. Happy you are here!
I love getting to know people beyond the what is your job? where are you from? etc. questions. It takes work to really get to know people these days. But it is so worth it!
You probably know the basics on me – an event planner, lives in Lexington, KY, has a deep love for all things pink, but …
Here are 5 things you may not know about me….
✨ I have a degree Speech Pathology. I practiced for a year, turns out I didn’t love it and decided I wanted to be a wedding and event planner (my dad still isn’t over it). 🤣
✨ I am the middle child – 3 girls. All of our names start with A. I was/am rarely called by my own name (and to make it worse, I have 2 nieces with “A” names).
✨ I despise black licorice and cantaloupe.
✨ I was once on a reality TV show about planning a wedding. Spoiler alert – it in fact wasn’t exactly “reality”.
✨ I would rather drive than fly just about anywhere. Road trips are good for the soul and let’s just say I’m not exactly known for packing light.
Now, tell me something I may not know about you??

📷 mrs_malicotephoto
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From our dinner menu: 20oz bone-in, 30-day dry-aged Ribeye, with oven-roasted trumpet mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, shoyu demi-glace, and rapini.

#eatbetter #ribeye #dryaged #steaks #dinner #dinnerplans #supportlocal #localrestaurants #sharethelex #lexeats

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From Volume 7: Down the Rabbit Hole. For veterans of Volume 3 will remember this bright summery shrub, with tequila, aperol, watermelon shrub, lime, bogart bitters, and soda. 

#drinkbetter #shrub #shrubcocktails #watermeloncocktails #tequilacocktails #asseenontv #lol @secretstv

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It has been one year since shut down began, when we drank absinthe frappés for 7 hours straight to work through all of our feelings.... 

#drinkbetter #happyanniversary #absinthefrappe #absinthecocktails

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For this weekend: Katzu prepared scallops, lightly fried in panko, with cucumber & leak salad, yuzo vinaigrette, and fermented chili sauce.

#eatbetter #dinnerspecial #scallops #lexeats #supportlocal #localrestaurants

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It’s #nationalcocktailday and we’ve got just the thing for ya. Jake Sulek of westmainbar gives you the steps to make the French 75 at home.

🍸Find more recipes from Jake in our latest episode “Spring cocktails and spring beers” which is out now. Listen/watch on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and more. Links in bio.

#french75 #cocktails #cocktailsofinstagram #cocktailrecipes #cocktailathome #drinks #cheers #hopsspirits

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Introducing Volume 7: Mixed Tape.  

West Main Crafting Co. is beyond excited to release a new cocktail book! Over this past year we've been reflecting a lot on our favorite moments and cocktails since Volume 1, and to celebrate the fact we're still here we decided to make a menu dedicated to those favorites. Mixed Tape features a new layout but many legendary West Main darlings sure to excite all of you wonderful barflies who've been so kind and supportive--Volume 7 is about you as much as it is about us.  

#drinkbetter #newmenu #cocktailmenu #cocktails #vol7 #favoritedrinks #sharethelex #werestillhere #celebratethesmallthings

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We have hops and spirits this week with cocktails and beers. Jake Sulek, beverage director at westmainbar in Lexington, Ky., talks about crafting cocktails for spring, how they put together their lineup and tips for the at-home bartender. Plus, Kevin Patterson (beerchitect), a Cicerone and National Beer Judge, joins us to talk about spring beers, what styles will be on tap, breweries worth checking out and more.

🔊Listen or 📺watch the episode now. It’s available on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and more. Link in bio.
#cocktails #beer #spring #springcocktails #gose #fruitedale #sourbeer #craftbeer #beerme #cocktailsofinstagram #beersofinstagram #cheers #hopsspirits

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Big news, folks:

As we near the one-year anniversary of corona, another annual marker draws near: the release of a new cocktail menu! Volume 7: Mixed Tape drops next Thursday, March 11, with a slightly new format and a host of West Main favorites from the last 4 years.  

Mark your calendars, make reservations, get babysitters--we can't wait to celebrate survival and, hopefully, the end of the tunnel with you guys. We wouldn't be here without you. See you next week!! 

#drinkbetter #cocktails #cocktailmenu #anniversaries #newmenu #volume7 #mixedtape #markyourcalendars #letscelebrate

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This past year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs for most of us. As we hit the one-year anniversary last week of the world literally shutting down it was a solemn reminder of all that we have sacrificed, all that has been lost and a realization of an entire year gone. It feels like a dream and sometimes like a nightmare. Honestly, last week hit me harder than I thought it would.
It was also a reminder that storms are meant to replenish…you just have to ride it out💗
I’ve walked through hard seasons before. Darn near crawled through if I’m being completely honest. And if there’s one thing I know… it’s that everyone loves a comeback story.
So dust off your highest hopes friends…there’s a rainbow up ahead 🌈
📷 mrs_malicotephoto
#hope #rainbow #seekjoy #spring #comeback #inspiration #inspired #posiitivevibes ##entrepreneur #smallbusiness #kentucky
#weddingplanner #wedding #eventplanner #eventdesigner #conferenceplanner #celebrate #event #amberB #dreamer #planner #designer

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From our dinner menu: one-half responsibly raised chicken, ginger-brined & pan roasted, with black rice and brussels sprouts.

#eatbetter #localrestaurants #lexeats #sharethelex

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 167 customer reviews.
  • The bartenders are top notch and the ribeye was well prepared. Sides for the ribeye were uninspired keeping it from... read more

    John Precht Avatar
    John Precht

    I’ve been in love with WMC for years. I cannot tell you how happy I am that they’ve not only... read more

    Heather Stratton Avatar
    Heather Stratton
  • I'm basing this review on three components: the cocktails, the food, and the atmosphere. First off, this place is all... read more

    David Endean Avatar
    David Endean

    The food was good, the drinks were exceptional. Staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Very nice atmosphere.

    Toni Henninger Young Avatar
    Toni Henninger Young
  • Great atmosphere.
    I had the salmon and veggies.
    My daughter and SIL had the steak entree, and they loved their drinks.
    I didn't...
    read more

    Rebecca Oden Avatar
    Rebecca Oden

    5 star ratingLove love loveeeee. A bit overwhelming with all the options but the place is DEFINITELY one to try!!!

    Bri M. Avatar
    Bri M.
  • 5 star ratingThanks to Davin, my waiter, for an awesome dining experience. He steered me towards amazing dishes I would not have... read more

    Gabriel S. Avatar
    Gabriel S.

    One of the best cocktail places I've been to, they are doing everything at a very high level, making everything... read more

    Michael Cox Avatar
    Michael Cox
  • Incredible cocktails, delicious food, lovely atmosphere. We were blown away by our experience. Attention to detail did not go over... read more

    Julie Brooks Avatar
    Julie Brooks

    5 star ratingFood and service was impeccable. The toasted grilled cheese tea sandwich was charred and not only did they replace it... read more

    Diana W. Avatar
    Diana W.
  • 5 star ratingCame here for drinks last weekend. We decided to sit at the bar and I loved it. Their drink menu... read more

    Kelly M. Avatar
    Kelly M.

    Great experience!! The staff was informative & fun ❤️

    Ashley Lottes Engle Avatar
    Ashley Lottes Engle
  • 5 star ratingThis place was SO FUN! Hubs and I came here on accident for dinner, and right off the bat, this... read more

    Jill F. Avatar
    Jill F.

    This crew knows their cocktail stuff; just about everything we talked about is made in house from scratch; all the... read more

    Matthew Talbot Avatar
    Matthew Talbot
  • 5 star ratingPerfect cocktails and fine dining in an ultra-chic environment...bring your significant other here for farm-to-table excellence. Our table was... read more

    Michael D. Avatar
    Michael D.

    We ordered pickup last night and it was absolutely delicious. My steak was beautifully cooked and the gnocchi were so... read more

    Charity Cain Avatar
    Charity Cain
  • 5 star ratingOMG, West Main Crafting Co. was actually phenomenal. Every single thing is delicious, fresh, the crew is very nice the... read more

    Russell P. Avatar
    Russell P.

    Filled me up. The service was very welcoming and observant. The place has a nice feel to it.

    Lindsey3 L Avatar
    Lindsey3 L
  • I think I had the best whiskey sour of my life here last night. Def going back.

    Michelle G Hellmueller Avatar
    Michelle G Hellmueller

    Was an amazing experience! Bartenders were real knowledgeable and took great care of us!

    Jared Anderson Avatar
    Jared Anderson

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